Over the next few weeks we will be touring across Switzerland and launching the Vote Change campaign in more than ten cantons of German- and French-speaking Switzerland. We present the ideas, goals and people behind the campaign. We will discuss together and make plans. Present the cantonal teams with candidates from various parties. And together with you, we want to commit ourselves to change Switzerland.

We are glad to invite you to our campaign kick-off events. Register today and bring your friends!

The elections in autumn 2019 offer us a unique opportunity. Let us create a new majority for a progressive, forward-looking and open-minded country. It is time for the progressive forces in this country to take the lead and continue to write the next chapters of history. Join us, become part of the Vote Change campaign and make Switzerland happen.

We want to move on in the areas of climate change, intergenerational solidarity, civil rights and immigration, equal opportunity, digitisation, and, above all, our partnership with Europe. We want progressive minds from different parties. We want a new culture of cross-party cooperation. We choose content and convictions - regardless of party affiliations. We want a turn. And we choose change. Did you already sign our manifesto?

In October we can decide whether we want to shape the future. Or lose another four years. The federal elections are a vote on Switzerland as a country of equali opportunity - a referendum on progress or gridlock. We want to create a new majority. Only a few votes make the difference. Join us!

No upcoming events.

Please find more events on the Operation Libero website.