About us

When we gathered with committed citizens and politicians all over Switzerland one year ago, we agreed mostly on two things. First, the need that something must change in the Swiss political landscape, and secondly, the willingness to be part of this change. We need some progressive decisions NOW for a forward-looking Switzerland. 

We discussed, brainstormed, and discussed. We had informal political fondue dinners all over Switzerland – during the whole Summer 2018. We climbed on mountains to think about the future with creative minds, we spent countless hours in meetings – and the result was this campaign.

Our ‘Vote change’ campaign is the outcome of the ideas, thoughts, and actions of many people. We hope that more and more will join.

Laura Zimmermann, Flavia Kleiner, Florian Egli, Linda Sulzer, Tim Guldimann, Max Stern, David Schärer, Jonas Dennler, Till Burckhardt

Lydia Toth, Phillipp Brandenstein, Adrian Mahlstein, Carla Allenbach, Silvan Gisler, Stéphane Decrey, Valentina Spillmann, Lea Schmid-Schönbein, David Caspar

Flavia Kleiner, Laura Zimmermann, Janos Ammann, Franziska Barmettler, Philipp Brandenstein, Aliénor Nina Burghartz, David Schärer, Stefan Schlegel, Till Burckhardt, Stefan Manser-Egli